Radclyffe - Honor Under Siege

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Honor Under Siege
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19 июнь 2019
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Radclyffe - Honor Under Siege
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What Reviewers Say About Radcly f fes Books

A Matter of Trust is . . “a sexy, powerful love story fi l ed with angst,

discovery and passion that captures the uncertainty of fi rst love and its

discovery. - Just About Write

Shield of Justice is a “. . wel -plot edlovely romance. .I couldnt turn the

pages fast enough! - Ann Bannon, author of The Beebo Brinker


“The authors brisk mix of political intrigue, fast-paced action, and

frequent interludes of lesbian sex and lovein Honor Reclaimed sure

does make for great escapist reading. - Q Syndicate

Change of Pace . .“is contemporary, yet timeless, not only about sex, but

also about love, longing, lust, surprises, chance meetings, planned

meetings, fulfi l ing wild fantasies, and trust. - Midwest Book Review

“Radcly f fe has once again pul ed together al the ingredients of a

genuine page- turner, this time adding some new spices into the mix.

shadowland is sure to please - in part because Radcly f fe never loses

sight of the fact that she is tel ing a love story, and a compel ing one at

that. - Cameron Abbot , author of To The Edge and An Inexpressible

State of Grace

Lammy winner“ Stolen Moments is a col ection of steamy stories about

women who just couldnt wait. Its sex when desire overrides reason,

and its incredibly hot! - On Our Backs

“With ample angst, realistic and exciting medical emergencies,

winsome secondary characters, and a sprinkling of humor, Fated Love

turns out to be a terrifi c romance. Its one of the best I have read in

the last three years. - Midwest Book Review

Innocent Hearts. . il ustrates that our struggles for acceptance of

women loving women is as old as time - only the set ing changes. The

romance is sweet, sensual, and touching. - Just About Write

Lammy winner. .“ Distant Shores, Silent Thunder weaves an intricate

tapestry about passion and commitment between lovers. The story

explores the fragile nature of trust and the sanctuary provided by

loving relationships. - Sapphic Reader

In When Dreams Tremble the “focus on character development is

meticulous and comprehensive, fi l ed with angst, regret, and longing,

building to the ultimate climax. - Just About Write

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Radcly f fe



2007 By Radclyffe. All Rights Reserved.

ISBN10: 1-933110-80-5 ISBN13: 978-1-933110-80-6

This Trade Paperback Is Published By Bold Strokes Books, Inc. New

York, USA

First Edition, June 2007

















Editors: Jennifer Knight, Ruth Sternglantz and J. B. Greystone

Production Design: J. B. Greystone

Cover Graphic: Sheri ( g r a p h i c a r t i s t 2 020 @ h o t m

a il . c o m )

By the Author

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Loves Masquerade


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ro v in cet o w n T

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Honor Under Siege

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A Matter of Trust (prequel)

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Erotic Interludes: Change Of Pace

(A Short Story Col ection) Erotic Interludes 2: Stolen


Stacia Seaman and Radclyffe, eds. Erotic Interludes 3: Lessons



Stacia Seaman and Radclyffe, eds.

Erotic Interludes 4: Extreme Passions

Stacia Seaman and Radclyffe, eds.

Erotic Interludes 5: Road Games

Stacia Seaman and Radclyffe, eds.

Authors Notes

Above All, Honor was the first book I published that real y

provoked many messages asking for a sequel. Safe Harbor

was the second. Many of you recall me saying I wasnt going to

write more of either one. This year I will publish number six

in the Honor series and number five in the Provincetown

Tales. Obviously, what do I know? Ive discovered that writing

multiple works in a universe of characters I and the reader are

familiar with forces me to stretch as a writer in ways that

stand-alones dont. Each has its unique chal enges - neither is

easier or harder or more rewarding. Just different. A series

demands both continuity and new directions - consistency and

change. We want to see more of the characters we love, but we

also demand that they grow and evolve in the face of their

personal struggles and in relationship to others.

Thank you to the readers who assured me that they really

did want to read more of these characters and the world they

inhabit. I have learned a great deal in the telling.

My thanks also go to my first readers: Diane, Eva, Jane,

Paula, and RB for insightful comments and unfailing faith; to

the editors who brought their special talents to making this a

better book: Jennifer Knight, Ruth Sternglantz, and J.B.

Greystone; and to the generous proofreaders at Bold Strokes

Books for their painstaking devotion to duty. All the credit goes

to these dedicated individuals and the responsibility for any

shortcomings to me.

Sheri, as always, says it all and constantly says it better with

every cover.

To Lee, for never ever saying write it later - Amo



For Lee To The Last Word

Chapter One

Monday, October


B lair Powel walked along the oceans edge just after dawn, watching

the sky segue through a palet e of colors she had yet to capture on

canvas. Thankful y, she wasnt a landscape artist, because she feared she

would be doomed to an eternity of frustration and disappointment.

Her life held more than enough chal enge as it was, especial y now,

less than a month after the terrorist attacks on New York City and

Washington, DC. Less than a month after four men shed never met had

tried to kil her.

Sliding her hands into the pockets of her dark navy windbreaker, Blair

sheltered in the shadow of a tal , windswept dune and let the cold

sea breeze and the force of natures power drive the lingering

melancholy away. Crisp, salty air fil ed her chest, and for an instant, she

felt only the promise of a new season and the inner contentment of

being in love. Despite the horror of the last month, shed just spent one

of the best weeks she could remember in seclusion on Whitley Island.

At least two Secret Service agents fol owed her everywhere she went on

the remote, sparsely populated island of the coast of Massachuset s,

but she was out of the public eye and nearly alone with her lover. She

cherished this rare privacy and feared that pleasure was about to change.

As much as she loved the island, she couldnt just disappear. And

after the events of the last few weeks, she discovered to her surprise that

she didnt want to. Al her life shed sought anonymity. Being her

fathers daughter had forced upon her a notoriety she had not chosen,

and she had done al she could to escape the constraints it imposed.

Yet sometime in the last year, that wild, furious need to break away

had al but vanished. She wondered how much that sea change was due

to the woman who walked toward her in the gathering sunlight.

Secret Service agent Cameron Roberts, Blairs one time chief of

security and now her lover, was a few inches tal er, dark-haired, lean

and handsome. Her jaw was a lit le broader, her nose a lit le stronger,

and the hol ows below her cheekbones a lit le deeper than the dictates

of classic beauty demanded, but what Blair saw when she looked at her

went beyond beauty. She saw strength and passion, and above al ,


“Youre supposed to be in bed, she chided as Cam approached.


Cam grinned. “Bed was


“Its a hel of a lot colder out here. Blair wrapped her arms around Cams

neck and kissed her, ruf ling the short, almost wavy black hair that

ended just above her col ar. The almost casual brush of mouth on

mouth turned unexpectedly more fervent. She stroked her tongue along

the inside of Cams lip, and delved deeper for an instant before leaning

back. “Whew. Just got warmer.

“Lets see if we can get it up to August. Cam slid one arm around Blairs

waist and underneath her jacket. She stroked Blairs back and nuzzled

her neck. “Although, we probably shouldnt tamper with Greg

and Haras body temperatures quite so much.

Blair jerked and pushed away. “God, I cant believe I forgot about them. I

never forget about them. She peered over her shoulder toward the dunes

where two of her first team security agents stood with their hands at

their sides, facing out toward the ocean as if she and Cam were not

there. Of course, they had seen everything while continuously scanning

the length of beach, the water, and the air.

“Id say that lit le lapse is a very good sign. Cam brushed a strand of

damp blond hair away from Blairs cheek and resisted the urge to kiss

her again. Blairs deep blue eyes were shadow free, a rare occurrence,

and even though shed been up before dawn, shed slept through the

night. That, too, was unusual since the armed assault on Blair in her

penthouse apartment. Cam loved to see Blair

so relaxed and secure that she forgot she was being watched. She

wished she could keep that from ever changing.

“When your eyes go from gray to black like that, Blair murmured, “I

know youre thinking serious thoughts.

Cam shook her head. “No. She tugged Blair against her side


started to walk, keeping her arm around Blairs waist. “Just thinking I

love you.

“That sounds serious. Blair slipped her hand into the back pocket of

Cams jeans and squeezed her ass. “In fact, we should probably do

something about it ASAP.


Blair laughed. “Youre too


“I thought you liked me that


Blair caught Cams hands and turned to walk backwards, swinging their

joined arms lazily between them. The wind whipped her hair around her

face, and her cheeks burned with the cold. She felt wonderful. “I like

you every way you come, Commander. Hard and fast, slow and easy.

Any way at al .

“Jesus, Blair. Have a heart. Cam tilted her head in the direction of the

agents who fol owed along the invisible perimeter of their protection

zone. “They cant hear us, but theyl have a hard time pretending not to

notice if I throw you down on the beach.

“I thought you had bet er control than that, Blair


“So did I, Cam mut ered darkly. Everything shed thought shed known

about herself had abruptly changed slightly less than a year before

when shed been assigned to protect the first daughter of the United

States. Cam had fal en in love

with her the first instant shed seen her, her blond hair damp from the

shower, her sapphire eyes sparking with anger, her sensual body

blatantly seductive. Blair hadnt wanted protection, and shed done

everything she possibly could to avoid the constraints of twenty-four

hour a day observation. Shed been wild and wil ful, a beautiful feral

creature who defied taming. Cam had fought her desire, but ultimately,

she had surrendered to her heart. “You changed al that.

“Funny, Blair said, returning to Cams side and snuggling against her

again. “I

was just thinking the same thing about





“I love you. Blair kissed the edge of Cams jaw. “Your throat sounds

better. Does it stil hurt?

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